Further milestone of our HIVAR Study


We are pleased to announce another milestone in our research efforts. After collecting large blood draws from 100 HIV-1 infected patients by the beginning of May, by the end of 2023 we reached our goal of enrolling 200 patients in our study. The recruitment of patients and the processing of the large blood samples would not have been possible without the teamwork of several departments and working groups. We are grateful for the support of the outpatient clinic of the Department of Internal Medicine I, headed by Prof. Clara Lehmann, the processing laboratory headed by Prof. Florian Klein and the Laboratory of Antiviral Immunity.

We would also like to thank the patients who took part in this study! Our research would not be possible, if patients were not willing to take part in such studies. So we are more than grateful that 200 patients have already agreed to take part, and we look forward to enlarge our cohort to 300 patients in Cologne and also in Bonn.