New publication in CHM: HIV deep mutational scanning


In collaboration with the Bloom lab (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Seattle, USA) we have just published "Mapping the Neutralizing Specificity of Human Anti-HIV Serum by Deep Mutational Scanning." In Cell Host Microbe. In this publication the Bloom lab presents a novel deep mutational scanning system that accurately measures the impact of HIV-1 env mutations on neutralization by antibodies and polyclonal serum. Briefly, the DMS assay works with mutant virus libraries harboring almost all possible amino acid mutations. These libraries are incubated with reporter cells with or without patient IgG. By sequencing the viruses after cell entry, identification of Env-residues that allowed viral escape against the tested IgGs. Thus, the DMS assay can adequately delineate the targeted epitopes/residues of patient IgGs or monoclonal bNAbs. We are delighted to have made a valuable contribution to this significant study!

Full publication: